Commercial Real Estate Marketing Public Relations

Break-through marketing is part art and part science: Creativity, differentiation, market research, plans and programs that evolve based on data and qualitative feedback.

Differentiate or Die*

Welcome to the wired world, where every day a half-million new websites are published, the average U.S. office worker receives 121 email messages, and the typical consumer is exposed to hundreds of advertisements.

No wonder it's hard to break through!

CRELIX (sounds like "helix") understands the art and science of real estate marketing public relations, and puts that understanding to work for you. We develop marketing, media, content and website strategies that create buzz, build brands and generate sales so your company can be understood and successful.

Our work is grounded in rigorous qualitative and competitive research.


  • Brand positioning, including brand story development
  • Positioning statements and marketing taglines
  • Visual/graphic identity, including logos and style guides
  • Organization, product, property, service and URL naming
  • Marketing automation/automated marketing and CRM integration for demand generation and lead generation
  • Marketing collateral, including digital brochures, sales sheets and case studies
  • Advertising and direct mail, including digital advertising and search-engine marketing (SEM) — We are Google Ads certified!
  • Database marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Events and sponsorships


  • Media relations and public relations (PR)
  • Social media marketing, including blogging, for engagement and community building -- We are Hootsuite certified!
  • Print and video news releases
  • Bylined articles, op-ed pieces and white papers (Thought Leadership)


  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Customer interviews
  • Blog posts
  • Presentations, including webinars
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks


  • Website design and development, including CRM integration, for lead generation and demand generation
  • Search-engine optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing (SEM) — We are Google Ads certified!
  • Website retracking/remarketing


* With Respect to Jack Trout, a Pioneer in Positioning