Commercial Real Estate Marketing Public Relations
CRELIX: Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

As noted on the Overview page, at CRELIX Marketing Partners we don’t just live and breathe commercial real estate, we celebrate it:

  • The people who are the movers and shakers
  • The places they create
  • The experience of using real estate and making it work for people and businesses
  • The architectural and engineering marvels that are modern buildings
  • The financing and investment, which helps Americans build wealth and creates opportunity
  • The technology, including software, hardware and services that empower people and decision-making, and ensure more efficient construction and the higher performance of buildings

We think of commercial real estate as all income-property types other than single-family and multifamily residential. That means:

  • Office
  • Industrial / manufacturing / research and development
  • Retail
  • Hotel / lodging / other hospitality
  • Medical
  • Entertainment / public assembly
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Seniors housing
  • Other special-purpose properties, including self-storage
  • Parking facilities
  • Religious institutions

Every property has a story. Every real estate services company has a story. Every real estate brand stands for something (or should). CRELIX Marketing Partners helps real estate companies, people and properties differentiate themselves and become better known, understood and appreciated in the market.

In short, we deliver value by helping you affirm yours. It’s a virtuous cycle that defines the relationship between our agency and our clients.