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Energy & Environment

We’re not that old at CRELIX Marketing Partners — ever young is more like it — but we’re old enough to remember the early days of ENERGY STAR and the U.S. Green Building Council. Was there a first-ever “green building” and is there a plaque on it somewhere? We imagine so.

Fast forward to right now. Sustainability isn’t just a nice idea, but a socially conscious, economically necessary way of doing business that’s become ingrained in much of the commercial and multifamily real estate sector. Kudos to the real estate industry for getting it, and to the vendors serving the market for developing software, hardware, building materials and processes that make buildings smarter, more energy efficient, more economically viable and, in some cases, even net-zero energy users.

We’re pleased to serve a variety of clients who’ve demonstrated leadership in energy and environment, including building energy efficiency and renewable energy technology, best practices, industry standards, public policy, emergency preparedness and response, construction, development, finance, and facility and operations management.

Whether you’re introducing a new service or product, marketing property with compelling energy or environmental features and benefits, or seeking support for industry standards or best practices, CRELIX can help you win the argument and make the market.