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CRELIX: Architecture & Design

Architecture & Design

Architecture is an amalgam of art and science that includes aesthetics, design, structure, form, functionality, space usage and planning.

Perhaps because we understand intuitively the extent to which design is key to effective marketing, we have a special appreciation for the architects and designers of building exteriors, interiors and building products themselves.

We are well aware of, if not immersed in, many of the dynamics within the industry and the market, including issues related to:

  • Open office floor plans, flexible space and space optimization
  • Adaptive reuse
  • Density
  • Placemaking
  • Public vs. private spaces
  • Mobility trends, including transit-oriented and multi-modal development
  • Affordable housing
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy, including green building features
  • Parking

We’re pleased to provide marketing and public relations services to all manner of architecture and design firms.