Commercial Real Estate Marketing Public Relations

A sound business plan isn't enough. Winning takes a great brand story and a marketing plan informed by research and data.

The Two Strands of Our DNA

We live in a digital world.

Yet, we human beings are still analog… at least for now! We are rational and emotional, and act in an infinite number of ways. Which makes us challenging to market to as buyers of professional services and consumers of real estate.

At CRELIX Marketing Partners, we see the world in three dimensions: Digital, analog and experiential. 

How does this drive our approach to real estate marketing public relations?

  • First, we see your targets as people, and help you understand them and how they think and act.
  • Second, we typically take a digital-centric approach to marketing campaigns. That means making the most of online channels that are economical and efficient.
  • Third, we think of marketing as experiential. How do we move prospects and customers through the journey of experiencing and understanding your company? Or in the case of property marketing, how do we speak to people in a way that creates a sense of place?

Our actions are informed by research and data. Is marketing art? Is it science? Yes!

A Powerful Edge for You

If marketing is one strand of our DNA, the other is commercial real estate. Our founder is a former CBRE marketing and communications executive with deep experience and understanding of all aspects of commercial real estate, financing/investment and technology. He is joined by partners with experience in construction, architecture, energy and more. 

Our knowledge and appreciation of commercial real estate means we know and see things others miss or don’t understand intuitively. That gives you a powerful edge. You don’t have to waste time explaining the industry or market to us because we live and breathe it every day.

Our agency was founded in 2000 as The Corporate Storyteller. We were pioneers in the use of storytelling as a business marketing technique, and today CRELIX (sounds like "helix") continues to incorporate “story” in every aspect of marketing.

But we’re much more than that.

We bring to bear the best of the marketing arts and sciences on your behalf: Creative thinking and data-driven approaches to lead generation, demand generation, customer acquisition and customer relationship management.

Why apply both time-tested and ultra-modern principles of art and science to marketing public relations? Because it’s how you break through and win.


The Art & Science of Break-Through Marketing