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Construction & Engineering

CRELIX loves construction and engineering. It’s one of the sexiest sectors of the real estate industry.

Construction and engineering firms build structures and make them work, accomplishing amazing feats of art, science and sheer strength every day. The challenge becomes more and more complex as the world digitizes and buildings, like people, theoretically become “smarter.”

CRELIX’s appreciation for the construction and engineering firms behind commercial, multifamily and government buildings runs deep. We’ve represented a leader in P3s (public/private partnerships) and in off-site construction. We understand how to differentiate services companies in highly competitive markets.

Construction’s contribution to the U.S. economy is massive, with more than 670,000 employers and over seven million employees, who together create nearly $1.3 trillion of structures each year, according to Associated General Contractors of America.

The construction and engineering sectors grew in 2018, driven in large measure by private nonresidential construction, including construction and engineering business activity spurred by new U.S. tax policy signed into law in 2017.

Smart buildings, green buildings, lean construction, automation, technology and the prospect of increased public infrastructure investment are top of mind at CRELIX.