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Success Story: Valbridge Property Advisors

It isn’t every day that 42 commercial appraisal firms come together to form a new company to serve local, regional and national clients better. But that’s why Valbridge Property Advisors was launched in 2013.

The principals knew they had only one chance to “get it right” with the launch of their new company, which immediately would rank among the top three commercial real estate valuation and advisory services firms in the U.S.

Recognizing the stakes — and wanting to make the most of the opportunity — they turned to CRELIX for marketing, communications and public relations support.

CRELIX helped crystallize the new firm’s market positioning and named the company following extensive market research, international trademark validation and business plan review. The agency developed the company’s visual identity and marketing communications, and helped prepare associates to tell the company story from the inside out.

Following the successful launch of Valbridge Property Advisors, CRELIX served as the company’s virtual marketing communications and PR department, producing email newsletters, PR in support of new office openings and other company milestones, online marketing including SEO and SEM, and social media management including the firm's LinkedIn channel.

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