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Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018?

Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018?

February 15, 2018

If you have time to read only one report on where social media is headed in 2018, check out this one. These are slides from a Hootsuite webinar based on the company’s 2018 social media trends report.

Our agency uses Hootsuite software as a social media management platform to publish and monitor social networks on behalf of clients. Victoria and I are Hootsuite-certified social media marketing professionals.

In these Hootsuite webinar slides, you’ll learn:

  • What’s new with major social media networks, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • How social networking is coming to dominate mobile minutes, and the implications
  • How social’s role in online product research is growing
  • Why social’s role in providing customer insight may be even more significant than its potential as a sales channel, particularly for B2B
  • How social’s role in customer service support and customer education is growing

I’ve long held that social’s greatest potential is for community building. To the extent it can serve a marketing purpose in so doing, its value as a channel is significant. Sharing, serving and listening through social networks to inform and help customers and strengthen relationships... that's how to leverage the full power of social media.

-Cary Brazeman

Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018?