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What is a “Responsive” Website and Do You Need One?

July 27, 2017

Website development continues to evolve at a rapid pace.

Leading-edge websites today are based on “responsive design.” They shape-shift for optimized viewing across browsers and devices. This is a more advanced approach than building a desktop website with a separate mobile version.

If your company or organization is contemplating a new website, I’m happy to help you — free of charge — determine the right approach. Among the questions we can explore:

  • Do you need a responsive website?
  • Do you need a website built on a content management system?
  • Can you use a templated website (off-the-shelf website design and structure) or do you need custom design and programming?
  • What level of SEO effort is appropriate for your website?

Feel free to call, and we can discuss.

-Cary Brazeman @ The Corporate Storyteller, 310-205-3590