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The Pied Piper Probably Read These Three Books to Get People to Follow Him

August 30, 2017

These three books are shining examples of storytelling in action. You can learn from them how to be a better storyteller, and get people to follow your lead in business and in life.

"The Story Factor" (Annette Simmons) is an academic yet practical guide to the role story can play in expanding influence in all aspects of life. Among other things, Simmons highlights seven types of stories and suggests if you can’t frame something in one of these ways, it’s not a story:

  • “Who I Am” Stories
  • “Why I Am Here” Stories
  • “The Vision” Stories
  • “Teaching” Stories
  • “Values-In-Action” Stories
  • “I Know What You Are Thinking” Stories

"Long Story Short" (Margot Leitman) is a how-to guide by a stand-up comic who will inspire you to tell better stories to everyone — versus boring your friends and colleagues with rants, raves and riffs. Leitman suggests a number of ways “into” the telling of a story, and focuses on delivery technique like only a comedian can.

"Tell to Win" (Peter Gruber) reminds us that even "mini-stories," including anecdotes and sayings that in their own way transmit the core story elements of conflict, struggle and resolution, have a powerful role to play in helping us connect and persuade in business situations.

-Cary Brazeman

Updated February 14, 2018