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The Corporate Storyteller to Ring In 2019 with a New Name

The Corporate Storyteller to Ring In 2019 with a New Name

November 15, 2018

In January The Corporate Storyteller will be changing its name. Stay tuned for the unveil!

Why are we changing the agency's name? Three main reasons:

  • First, in the 15 years since Cary Brazeman launched The Corporate Storyteller, storytelling as a business strategy has become widely popularized. (You might say Cary was ahead of his time!) That's good, but the name doesn't work hard enough to differentiate the agency today, and differentiation, after all, is a large part of marketing.
  • Second, the agency's client base includes a number of associations and nonprofits. The word "Corporate" in our name doesn't recognize them.
  • Third, the current name doesn't speak to the range of services we provide, which extends beyond storytelling.

As important is what's not changing...

Our team isn't changing: Cary, Victoria, Leslie, Lisa, Jim and Dave. And our story-based approach to marketing, media relations, content development and website development is not changing. Rest assured.

Stay tuned for the rebranding in January. In the meantime, here's a refresher on our core agency services:


  • Brand positioning, including brand story development
  • Positioning statements and marketing taglines
  • Visual/graphic identity, including logos and style guides
  • Organization, product, property, service and URL naming
  • Marketing automation and CRM integration
  • Marketing collateral, including digital brochures, sales sheets and case studies
  • Advertising and direct mail, including digital advertising -- We are Google AdWords certified!
  • Database marketing
  • Email marketing


  • Media relations and public relations (PR)
  • Social media engagement, including blogging, and community building -- We are Hootsuite certified!
  • Print and video news releases
  • By-lined articles, op-ed pieces and white papers (Thought Leadership)
  • Media events


  • Case studies
  • Success stories
  • Customer interviews
  • Blog posts
  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Newsletters
  • eBooks


  • Website design and development, including CRM integration
  • Search-engine optimization (SEO) and search-engine marketing (SEM)
  • Website retracking/remarketing
The Corporate Storyteller to Ring In 2019 with a New Name