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New Report from JLL Highlights Real Estate’s Tech Transformation

New Report from JLL Highlights Real Estate’s Tech Transformation

September 01, 2021

Global real estate services firm JLL reports in this broad industry survey that technology is transforming the built environment and companies operating in related industries at a faster clip as a result of the pandemic.

JLL’s new report, “Transform with technology: Shaping the future of real estate,” concludes:

“The real estate industry had been slower to integrate new technologies than other sectors, but the added impetus provided by the pandemic is taking us beyond the integration of technology solutions that help to deal with immediate challenges — such as managing remote working, health and sanitation tracking and touchless movement — as normal business practices are being upended across the industry, spurring experimentation at all levels. 

“This shift is building on the digital transformation already underway [sic] as the technology ecosystem around the built environment matures and consolidates. Expectations from consumers and companies are rising in tandem, underpinned by demographic changes that see younger consumers and workers demanding greater technological capacity from their homes, workplaces and cities. The technologies that are now available — and others in the process of being developed — are set to radically reshape our cities and how we interact with and use buildings, and have the potential to lead to much more human-centric, resilient and responsible built environments.”

With proptech becoming ubiquitous, every aspect of the real estate industry has the capacity to evolve more quickly than ever before. 

Looking ahead, the report proclaims, “The next stage of proptech innovation and adoption will be driven not only by new or maturing technologies, but also by the need to respond to long-term structural challenges, ranging from continued urbanization and demographic shifts to dealing with the explosion of information through cybersecurity measures, data privacy and greater transparency. Sustainability and broader ESG considerations around health and wellbeing, in particular, are moving to the fore.”

CRELIX hasn’t just witnessed commercial real estate’s tech advancement, but has played an active role in it, helping a number of technology companies, including marketplaces and SaaS providers, make the market for their services.

Read the full JLL report here

New Report from JLL Highlights Real Estate’s Tech Transformation