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Costs Drop to Produce Short, Sharable Business Videos

Costs Drop to Produce Short, Sharable Business Videos

December 15, 2016

If a photo is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth a million.

The motion and emotion that videos evoke can be that powerful. Just ask any kid who’s hooked on Instagram or Snapchat, or any adult who contributed to a charity or political campaign (or bought a product) after viewing a heart-tugging or otherwise compelling video.

It used to be that producing a quality video required sending camera crews to various locations at a cost of thousands of dollars per day. Editing and graphics could add thousands more to the bill. In the old days, that’s what you had to do.

But no longer.

Now businesses and other organizations are producing videos at a fraction of the historical cost. It’s possible thanks to mobile phones, iPads and desktop computers — all of which can capture video — and a range of software that, in the right hands, can turn raw video into polished final product.

Video is cost effective now even for applications or marketing campaigns with a short life, or to experiment and determine what motivates people to share, read more, join, invest or buy.

Reach Your Targets Where They Are with Videos

Businesses and other organizations are deploying video everywhere, including:

  • Website Landing Pages — to communicate with customers, members, prospects or investors as part of product pitches, case studies, client references and employee testimonials.
  • LinkedIn — which accommodates video on Company Pages (a must-have for most B2Bs), in Updates and in Profiles.
  • Facebook — which allows videos in company and personal news feeds, not to mention advertising. (The same goes for Twitter, as a matter of fact.)

Videos That Won’t Break the Budget

Our agency, The Corporate Storyteller, has always brought to bear a strong team of talented videographers and editors.

Now we’ve cultivated the capability to produce short, inexpensive videos that are ripe for animating websites or sharing on owned social media channels to make a point, compel a customer, or help win an argument for your products or services.

Our “Videos That Won’t Break the Budget” typically are under 30 seconds and include footage shot with a phone camera, iPad or desktop computer, and often integrate stock videography, still photography and limited graphics.

The best use cases include:

  • A series of customer or employee testimonials
  • A series of product or service announcements
  • A series of company or employee news updates

Shorter is Smarter, and Snappy Beats Snoozy

Third-party marketing research shows that shorter videos outperform longer ones, and we know that snappy videos are more effective than snoozy ones. Specifically:

  • People are more likely to watch a short video all the way through.
  • People are more likely to watch a series of short videos versus one long video.
  • People are more likely to get the message if you tell them up front... don't make them wait.

The Corporate Storyteller makes snappy videos that tell company, product, customer, sales and training stories without putting people to sleep. We can help you harness the power of video to Break Through, including with short videos that won’t break the bank.

Give us a call, and we’ll help you determine the most effective ways to integrate video into your marketing, communications and public relations.

-Cary Brazeman

Costs Drop to Produce Short, Sharable Business Videos